The PTP Bike

The PTP BikeThe PTP bike was built as a showcase for the PTP engine.The main inspiration for the design of the bike was to build a bike that showed the heritage of the legend, but was still 100% 21st century engineering. A Future-Retro style that was already pioneered in the hot rod/ car scene, think of ZZ Top's Cadzilla or Fords 49 project car. This project is also made possible with the support of companies as: Truett & Osborne, S&S, Jims, Barnett, Ross Pistons, PowerSeal, Spyke, Kibblewhite, Supertrapp, Crane, ART, CCI, Andrews, Bike Design, Poedercoat Westland, Dyna, Anodising Nederland, Castrol, Varta, Fournales, SKF , Fat Katz, Pingel, NOS, Blankhout, Carlini Design, Hyperpro etc.